The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGB&T) HSC Staff Forum is committed to providing a safe environment where staff can get together in complete confidence, to discuss any issues relating to their workplace health and wellbeing.  In order to facilitate the Forum the PHA has identified a project lead and co-ordinator from within existing resources.


Membership will comprise of self-identifying LGB&T members of staff.  During certain events identified throughout the year, membership may open up to all HSC staff. This will be decided by Forum members.

·         In order to promote effective practice and create a supportive environment, members must respect the rights of other members to keep their identities confidential.  Members must not disclose the identity of any member to any non-members, or discuss issues that will imply a person’s membership, sexual orientation or gender identity to non-members.


All interactions with the LGB&T HSC Staff Forum will be treated in absolute confidence.

·         The membership list will be maintained as a confidential list by the co-ordinator;

·         When communicating with Forum members the coordinator will use blind carbon copy to ensure members emails aren’t disclosed without agreement.


·         Meetings will be held outside of office hours to ensure that staff do not have to disclose to managers/colleagues they are attending the Forum.

The LGB&T HSC Staff Forum will not tolerate wilful disclosure or ‘outing’ of any member and to do so could lead to disciplinary action.